Fresh Food . . . Any Time . . . Anywhere!

Igniting A New Era of Convenient, Affordable, and Healthy Dining.

Making the Most Convenient Choice Healthy and Affordable.


Promoting healthier lifestyles by empowering employees and students to make nutritious choices effortlessly.


Easy access to high quality, fresh menu items as found in our restaurants. Healthy chef-inspired food and snacks.

24/7 Fresh Delights

Our automated refrigerated fresh food Markets offer delicious, fresh, and healthy meals, snacks and drinks 24/7.

No Hassle

With integrated cell phone service and powered by standard electrical outlets, Field of Greens Markets effortlessly adapt to any space, allowing for easy installation and relocation.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time inventory tracking and machine monitoring minimizes stock outs, enables tailoring food options for each location, and ensures availability, quality, and food safety.


The most affordable, efficient service providing access to fresh and healthy food and beverages to businesses, schools, and hospitals.

Using the Field of Greens Refrigerated Fresh Food Market is Easy!


Start by swiping a credit or debit card. This unlocks the Market door.


Pick up a salad, look at the ingredients, if you don’t like it, put it back in the Market. Select a sandwich instead, and an iced coffee.


Once you’ve chosen what you’d like to purchase, simply grab your item(s), and close the door.

Bon Appetit!

Our refrigerated fresh food Markets are “smart” and automatically charge based on what was removed from the Market. A receipt with a feedback request is emailed to the customer.

High Impact, No Cost! Why Not?


Easy access to healthy meals, snacks, and drinks around the clock. Employees can easily access fresh and healthy food options without having to leave the workplace, saving time and increasing productivity.


A wide range of nutritious choices, including salads, sandwiches, wraps, and other options not commonly found nearby, catering to various dietary needs throughout the day.

Budget Friendly

Provides a cost-effective alternative to nearby restaurants or cafes, potentially saving students / employees money.

Reduced Food Waste

Intelligent re-stocking reduces waste and stockouts as well as supports the customization of items offered based on each location’s preferences.

Caring Culture

Fresh and healthy food options can promote a culture of health and wellness in the workplace, potentially leading to happier, healthier, and more productive students and employees.


Turnkey food solution that takes minutes to implement; we handle all the details. It costs the school/employer nothing!

Fresh, Healthy, Delicious Food Available 24/7 Anywhere!

Nourishing Success, Energizing Teams, and Fueling Workplace Efficiency!

Elevate your team’s satisfaction with Field of Greens Markets tailored to meet the needs of your business. From blue-collar to white-collar environments, our Markets offer affordable, nourishing meals as the ultimate workplace perk. Boost productivity and keep your employees energized with delicious options, whether in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or office building.

Elevating Health, Nurturing Choices, and Empowering Wellness!

We understand hospitals and medical centers’ unique needs: fluctuating demand, 24/7 operations, and the importance of healthy options for visitors, staff, and patients. Our goal is to provide choices that promote wellness and create a healthier environment. Trust us to meet your needs and enhance your facility’s wellness culture.

Fueling Success, Feeding Minds, and Creating Healthy Habits!

Field of Green Markets offer convenient access to nutritious meals, addressing busy schedules and promoting healthier eating habits. By providing a range of wholesome options, they empower students to make informed choices and support their overall well-being. Plus, they can satisfy hunger anytime, fostering productivity and academic success.

Savor the flavor, Elevate the Education!

Field Enhance students’ dining options through our fresh food Markets! Our skilled team prioritizes meeting nutritional requirements while offering delicious choices that students love. With minimal disruption during class hours and careful inventory management, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of schools.

Field of Greens: Where Good Food Meets Good Health in Flavorful Harmony!

Since opening its doors in 2003, Field of Greens has been the go-to destination for those seeking delicious homemade meals that prioritize their well-being. With a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients and a menu brimming with mouth-watering bowls, salads, wraps, and more, this culinary haven is a paradise for flavor enthusiasts who genuinely care about what they eat.

Driven by customer demand, Field of Greens took their passion to new heights with the introduction of automated fresh food Field of Greens Markets. Now, schools and businesses can indulge in the same incredible menu that has made Field of Greens a local sensation.

Field of Greens Markets offer an irresistible selection of chef-inspired meals, snacks, and drinks that will make your taste buds dance with delight. Markets make healthy eating a breeze and ensure access to affordable, delectable, and nutritious food.

Field of Greens is all about savoring life’s flavors while prioritizing self-care. So, why not embark on a delectable journey with Field of Greens Markets and experience the enchanting fusion of good food and good health that awaits you? It’s time to treat yourself and discover the magic of Field of Greens!

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Make the most convenient food choice an affordable and healthy one!

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        Connect with our team to learn more!